The numbers

The arrivals in numbers

According to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), over 1.8 million migrants have reached Europe by sea between 2008 and September 2016. If they were all still in Europe, these persons would be 0.36 percent of the European population. If, paradoxically, we imagine that all inhabitants of Syria and Eritrea should move to Europe, they would be approximately 5 percent of the population.

arrivi chart

Countries with most refugees

According to the UNHCR, no European countries are included in the first eight countries with the most refugees per person. Italy hosts approximately one refugee every thousand inhabitants, well below the numbers of Sweden (14.7 every thousand) and Germany (3.1 every thousand). In the Middle East, Lebanon hosts approximately 1.1 million refugees, a sum equal to one quarter of the country’s population, and Jordan hosts 664 thousand refugees, 90 in every thousand inhabitants.

refugee chart

Source: Unhcr