16 maggio 2018 10:27

In 2011 the Mozambican government launched Africa’s largest agro-industrial development plan. The so-called ProSavana aimed to turn 14 million hectares of land in the Nacala corridor, in the north of the country, into a huge monoculture, mainly soybean for the Chinese market. The development of the area would have been entrusted to Brazilian entrepreneurs coming directly from Mato Grosso.

When they realized they would have lost their ancestral lands, local farmers put up a great mobilisation, which proved very successful.

This video, also available in italian, is supported by the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting. It’s a spin-off of Soyalism, a documentary film by Stefano Liberti and Enrico Parenti about the global meat industry and the related monocultures around the planet.